Dest is an active member of SHS and currently third in command.

2008 and earlier

Dest once had an account at SHS, that will remain un-named for reasons known only to himself. Many current members did not believe Dest when he mentioned this for the first time, but it was then proved by JC065.


2008 was Dests first official year at SHS under the name "Destinies-Interloped"

He was an amateur brawl player, very rarely participating in tournaments due to his lack of confidence and skill. Dests brawling skills were ranking around the very worst of SHS, very rarely winning any matches as the current Kirby main he was.


2009 was the release of The Conduit, and Dests short haitus from Brawl. He joined up with the SHS team "Shadow Shooters" which was lead by Shahrukh9000, an active brawl and conduit player at the time. Soon enough Shahrukh had to leave for college, and left Dest in charge of the conduit team, which were currently ranked 17th on the gamebattles website. Near the end of The Conduits timeline Dest was ranked and known as one of the top 5 players in the competetive scene and known as the overall best Near/Far weapon set player. During 2009 Dest left SHS for a brief period along with another member, BigBoss. they created Wii Unit which became very popular but was soon shut down by Dest in the middle of its prime.

2010 and current

After The Conduit had died Dest was left with an option- Begin playing brawl again, or quit SHS because he didnt feel he was needed there anymore. He decided to pick up brawl again, this time, becoming a Wolf Main. Very quickly Dest rose through the ranks, somehow succeeding where two years ago he couldn't have dreamed to. He gaimed many rivals in tournaments such as Criss and Anxys, though he rarely beat them. After a while Dest finally started winning tournaments and got respected as one of the best players in SHS. 2010 was also the very first time Dest won moderator status from an election, lasting for 4 months before losing mod...and gaining Admin through an election.

To this day Dest is an active Admin on the forums and the chat, participating in as many brawl tournaments as possible.

There was a short period where Dest played Mario Kart Wii, but he didn't feel he was good enough and decided to stop playing in tournaments until he was good enough.

Currently Dest is ranked as the Number 1 Wolf main in England, and has higher goals.