Introduction to the FAQ for SHS Slang

Welcome to the Frequently-Asked-Questions section for SHS slang! This FAQ is designed to list all the slang and terms commonly used at SHS, so you know "just what the (expletive) we're talking about."

Like any other community board, SHS has its share of jokes and made-up terms referring to things, and we have quite a few, so they're all listed in this FAQ.

NOTE: About this FAQ

Certain terms, such as "LOL", "ROFL", and "GG", are not listed here because they are common online terms. The only terms listed here are terms, jokes, and slang that are exclusive to SHS and/or has originated on SHS.


This term is a parody of the "lol" term. It is basically a misspelling of "lol". It's caused by hitting the ; and P keys instead of the L and O keys, which are located right next to the ; and P keys.

The ";p;" term came into use when SHS_JJEmpire was talking with the members on the chatbox, and he meant to type in "lol", but said ";p;" by mistake. The members, who were joking around, decided to replace all mention of "lol" with ";p;".


A meme that's used often in spam topics and the chatbox. It evolved as a meme at SHS when Kabbible, a member at SHS, has created a "Discuss" spam topic, in which the only thing you can say is "Discuss". Its meaning is what the word's original meaning is.


A parody of the "AFK" term. Where "AFK" stands for "Away From Keyboard", which means that the member is currently not at his computer, "KFA" stands for "Keyboard Flew Away", which means the member does not currently want to talk on the chatbox and will act like he is unable to, since the keyboard is used to chat.

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