Birth Name: Kai Renoit
Darker than BLACK Hei by m4g3d4rk

This image is similar to what Kuro is supposed to look like.

Current Name: Kuro (Nickname - Soulless Owl)

Nationality: Black Owl Dominion

Birthdate: August 4th, 1272

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: AB

Height: 6'1

Weight: 190

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Either very dark or very bright blue

Build: Athletic

Occupation: Assassin/Mercenary/Fugitive

Known Languages: All popular languages; Every citizen of the Black Owl Dominion must learn every popular language

Place of Residence: Travels from location to location; never stays in one place for very long.

Personality: Most the time Kuro is apathetic, and acts very frank and precise. He is also a quick learner. He still attempts not to kill innocents whenever possible, as he does not want draw to much attention from the authorities to himself. When the curse is temporarily lifted after conflict, Kai gasps air and begins breathing heavily, yelling to warn people to leave him alone if they want to live, and immediately grabs for his alcohol, as he realizes the terror of the things he does.

General Appearance: Long Shaggy Hair, not always well shaven (5 o'clock shadow), black leather gloves and boots, Wears light armor under a black trench coat. Wears either a worker's straw hat or a silver mask depending on the situation (in public or doing job). Carries two sword breakers on either leg, and keeps two very thin yet durable metal chains hidden under his sleeves that he can quickly launch out or pull in (they work as a rope or grappling hook would).

Other Facts: Though Kai does get drunk, years of mental and physical training allow him to keep his balance and remain physically adept. When Kai was a regular soldier, he did not use chains and sword breakers, he used a scythe, and wore Black Owl plate armor. When Kai is in his cursed form, his general diet consists of only necessities. He does not have a favorite food, and will eat anything in order to sustain his life. When Kai is temporarily non-cursed, he prefers drinking the heaviest alcohol available. Kai prefers not to use his own weapons when he doesn't have to, and is a master at hand to hand and disarming opponents. He is also a master of the scythe, though he does not have his original scythe, Storm Shatter, with him, and it is difficult to find one who does have a scythe. It was rumored that Kai was cursed by death itself.


Kai is the great grandson of and was trained as an elite by my previous character, Sophronious, and was once a highly renowned commander in the Black Owl army (which uses guerilla warfare opposed to head to head due to their small numbers). Married to Yhan, the daughter of a powerful politician in the Black Owl dominion.

Kai had one 3 year old son and one 1 year old daughter. During a conflict against the Blue Hawks that took place in a small sacred grove, a fire was caused by the Blue Hawks to remove the the Black Owls from cover. The fire burnt down the grove, and for unknown causes made a ring around the two opposing forces, forcing them to fight head to head. Every soldier on both forces died during this battle except for Kai.

Kai remembers seeing a young beautiful white haired woman walk through the desolate battlefield before going unconscious. Since this battle, Kai has been cursed, and all of his passionate emotions were removed from his soul. Along with this, he would have to kill at least 50 people to survive before every change of the moon.

This curse drove Kai to kill his entire family except for his sister, and half of the entire east side of Rensmarque. Every time Kai finishes killing (almost immediately after all threats have been eliminated), his passionate emotions are temporarily returned to him, and he must face the atrocities he has committed. He usually carries around a large flask of alcohol for these moments. His sister Ren and an elite unit of Black Owl's are searching for him to this day.

Abilities & Techniques Edit


-Strength: 8

-Endurance: 3

-Magick: 1

-Agility: 8


Logic in Brutality: Will use any advantage he can to make sure his opponent is dead. Improvises with his surroundings, uses deception, bribery. Will usually escape when he knows he won't be able to win.

Soulless Shroudwalk: Is a master of stealth. Will use darkness, distraction, and will set up improvised magical barriers if possible depending on the surroundings.

Weight of a thousand souls: (Depending on the number of people he has killed) Kai can release an aura that can produce great fear towards his opponents, whether they be human or otherwise. Those who who try read his location through aura or mind will be horrified when they find him, and are usually unable to speak for a few moments. (This can lower enemy stats dramatically)