Name: Kaltara Sovereignty

Propulsion: Plasma

Weapons: Plasma
Starting System: Altan Gamma

Overview: The Kaltara Sovereignty is a fairly new nation. They have quickly taken to plasma weaponry, but they require a black hole to power it. When inhabiting a new galaxy, this often sets them back, but they always manage to come out ahead. They pride themselves on their inexpensive and powerful space craft, but they have somewhat expensive and weak land units to set them back. They favor hit-and-run tactics, but they can face an enemy head-on if need be. They have developed an alloy that can survive under the great heat of plasma, allowing them to harvest it easily.

Bonuses and Penalties

All space units are unaffected by weather.

All ground units receive 1.5x the penalty from weather.
+10% to Ship Attack, defense, and speed.
-5% Damage from Plasma Weaponry. (Stacks)
-10% to Land Attack, defense, and speed.

Prices are proportionate to strength.


Marine: 1c
Bazooka: 3c
Anti-Air: 3c
Plasma: 5c
Commando: 5c
Saboteur: 11c - SPECIAL


APC: 14c
L. Tank: 17c
H. Tank: 20c
Artillery: 25c
Skimmer: 32c (Anti-Air Air Unit)
Thunderer: 32c (Anti-Land Air Unit)
T-Ship: 30c (Air Transport)
Deliverer: 50c - SPECIAL
Sunderer: 50c - SPECIAL

Light Ships

Fighter: 25c
Bomber: 30c
Sloop: 45c (Step up from Fighter)
Destroyer: 75c (Anti Heavy-Ship)
Leech: 15c - SPECIAL
Hornet: 1c - SPECIAL

Heavy Ships

Frigate: 80c
Carrier: 115c (Carries/repairs up to 3 light ships at a time. No weapons.)
Cruiser: 125c
Battleship: 145c
Dreadnought: 165c
FireShip: 115c - SPECIAL

Capital Ships

Liberator: 1150c
Mothership: 1850c
Plasma Haze: 2050c - SPECIAL

Special Unit Descriptions

Saboteur: Saboteurs are soldiers that carry high explosives utilizing plasma. They can use them to tear holes through enemy armor units and walls, but their armor is next to none. Speaking of armor, they are cloaked. They are invisible to the naked eye, but they can still be hit by stray shots.

Deliverer: The Deliverer is an air dropship. It can launch troopers with antigrav packs from its hull. Antigrav packs prevent death upon impact for those air-dropping. It has impeccable armor, but minimal firepower. It even has shields!

Sunderer: The Sunderer is naught more than a hovertank with a high-powered plasma gun. A VERY high-powered plasma gun. Plasma is shot at such high velocities that it can tear through enemy armor in the blink of an eye. The plasma is specially engineered to do so, so it has lost most of its power against infantry.

Leech: The Leech is just as the name implies. It latches on to enemy ships and sucks the power from them, rendering them vulnerable. The more it eats, the larger it becomes until it explodes! This causes area damage of the weapons type that the leech has fed off of to all nearby units. This includes enemy and allied units.

Hornet: Hornets are incredibly weak individually, but strong in numbers. They are nothing more than miniature drones with a small engine and a plasma gun on the front.

FireShip: Fireships are the Kaltara's suicide bombers. They are set to alight the plasma in their hulls when they come in contact with an enemy, causing huge damage to every ship nearby, including allied ships. The plasma is extremely volatile, so a hull breach could lead to disaster. The Fireship can enter a planet's atmosphere, so it can be used to bomb the surface of a battlefield.

Plasma Haze: The Plasma Haze is a colossal ship that spews, well, plasma hazes from its guns. These are devastating to all enemies and cause huge amounts of damage, as with all mothership guns. The way they fire onto the surface is unique. They launch a huge shell that explodes upon contact, causing a fog of plasma vapor to envelop a large area, causing massive damage to all units within it. It can hold an infinite number of leeches and drones in its hull, but it can only hold/repair about 3 other ships at a time.