Birth Name: Lance Fairweather

Current Name: Lance Fairweather

Nationality: Arkateck Empire

Birthdate: November 16,1280

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: A-

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 190

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Build: Athletic .

Occupation: A Lieutenant in the arkateck army.

Known Languages: He speaks the common tongue of the world, and the secret language of the higher ups in the Arkateck army.

Place of Residence: The barracks in Capitol City, the Capitol of the Arkateck Empire

Personality: He is up beat and energetic.

General Appearance: Sadly he does wear the same clothing every weekday. He wears the standard lt. outfit of a Green jacket with gold trimming, and pants of a light tannish color. He wears his Kerros blade along his waist. He has black hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. He is an average height for a guy, and atletically built.

Other Facts: His favorite food is blue berry ice cream. He weilds the Kerros blade, which is a Large blade that has two forms, a sword and a scythe.


He was born, and lived life with his mother for the first couple of years in his life. Then he moved to Capitol city around the age of 5, so the whole family could live together. Then he met Athler Dirke, and quickly grew attached to the 7 year old. At 8 he was dragged away to military school. Before he was dragged off he promised to meet Athler again one day. Early on he met Orion, later on his closest friend, and they had fun years in military school.

Around the time he hit puberty he started having dreams of angels, and one in particular. a young girl around his age, who had wings as white as snow. Once on a training mission that brought him close to the angel country, he got seperated from the group. He wandered around abit, and then he heard the most lovely singing voice. He followed it into a clearing where the forest parted ways, and there on a rock was an angel. Not any angel mind you, the one he saw in his dreams so many times. When the angel finally noticed him she stared at him for a second, their eyes locked onto each other, and then she quickly fled. He tried to get her to stop, and she did, but only for a second turning to look at him, and she flew away.

The years passed after that moment, him having the dream over and over again, and soon it was time for him to graduate from the military academy and go into real service. The future didn't look too bright for never going to war. The other side of the world was in conflict, always nagging their country to join on one side or the other. He always hoped that his country would join the Blue Falcons side, so he could meet his hero, Rhine Draconus. He petitioned his father to sway the other officials that helping the blue falcons would be the best option for this country, as war seemed imminent .

Stats & TechniquesEdit


ATK -30%

DEF -30%

MAG -30%

MDF -30%

SPD -30%


Arc fang - A blade of energy shoots from the tips of his blade and home on his enemy from a distance

Kerros Weilding - Allows him to weild the large blade as though it were a light weapon.

D'Arc Fang - An upgrade of Arc Fang. Allows you to summon the energy as claws for you to attack with. The original Arc fang is now stronger too.