-A.1) Basic Description of What a "Moderator" is

Moderators are, most of the time, the lowest-ranked members of a typical forum's staff. Moderators are ordinary members who have been given minor powers, like editing posts, deleting topics, and so
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A list of moderators.

on, to help the administrators police their respective forums for any actions caused by the forum members that may violate the rules of the forums.

Most of the time, moderators are either people who have volunteered their time to work for the forum, or members who have been promoted by the administrators for devotion and good work.

Moderators are also expected to have some sort of power in helping to decide judgment of members for their actions, but that depends on the working structure of their forum (how they do things).

At some forums, like the Shadow Stars Role-Playing Game forums, some members have moderator powers solely because they are an assistant partner to someone who is in charge of a project.

-B.1) SHS Moderators

At the Shadow Stars Wi-Fi gaming clan, we have a way of choosing moderators: by bimonthly election. Moderators are elected every two months by the members of the Shadow Stars clan. This is one of the ways that we allow members of SHS to have a say in how the clan is ran, and it also pressures those who have been elected moderator to do a good job, or else they will not be elected in the next election. Usually, we have four moderators, but it is not unheard of to have just three moderators.

--B.2) How a Moderator Election Works

During the last week of every two months, the Sign-Ups for the Moderator Election are put up. The Sign-Ups can go on for three to five days before they are closed. Usually, someone who signs up to run for a Moderator position must have filled out the form provided in the Sign-Up topic, and must not have a Warn Level of 60% or more. Anyone with such a Warn Level are banned from running in Moderator Elections.

After the sign-ups are closed, the Voting begins. A member votes by choosing the running candidates he wants as moderator via the method that is described in the Moderator Election topic. The member then sends his choices in a Personal Message (PM) to the administrator who is in charge of the Moderator Election. The Voting can go on for three to five days.

When the Voting is over, the administrator in charge of the Moderator closes the Voting and announces the new moderators. The administrator then demotes any moderators who have lost their moderator positions due to not being re-elected, and promoting any members who have won the Moderator Election.

Two months later after the new moderators have been elected, the cycle of how Moderators are chosen at SHS will repeat itself, as always.