The national flag for the Norman Republic.

About the Norman RepublicEdit

The Norman Republic was another army created by Odie, likely around the time of the Forum Wars at GameFAQs era. The Norman Republic was largely based off of France, and is considered by several people to be the Battalion Wars version of France.


There is no official history page for the Norman Republic. For some historical information concerning the Norman Republic, please refer to the history section of Army Details below.

Army DetailsEdit

Country Name/Number: Norman Republic

Small Description: The Norman republic soldiers are back with their firemen-like helmets and packs! Their colors are space-wolves grey with white while their symbol is the fleur-de-lis. All vehicles and weapons have longer barrels.

History: The Norman Republic suffered heavy losses under the two terrible wars against the Northern Axis that ravaged their homeland. They have risen, as it were, like a phoenix from the ashes and have their economy bustling stronger than ever. Now, they have met a rival in range and intend to defeat them and take the title as the longest ranged army in the world.

- All units have a 20% range boost
- Artillery has a tripled range (does not stack)
- Powerful navy

- Weak air force
- 10% attack decrease
- 10% defense decrease

INFANTRY Rifle Grunt: $1
Bazooka vet: $2
Missile vet: $3
Flame vet: $4
Assault vet: $5
Mortier (MOD MORTAR): $8

VEHICLES L. Recon: $15
H.Recon: $25
Sautez (L. TANK): $30
Lourd Baron (H. TANK): $40
Ombre et Flamme (MOD ARTILLERY): $65
A-A Vehicle: $60
Giantesque (BATTLESTATION): $70
SPECIAL: Le Grande Feu: $85

Gunship: $80
T.Copter: $150
Fighter: $250
Bomber: $325
Strato Destroyer: $400
SPECIAL: Canon de Vol: $130

Transport: $110
Sub: $235
Frigate: $330
Cuirassé (MOD BATTLESHIP): $450
SPECIAL: Vaisseau: $285
SPECIAL: Bateau Majestueux de Crainte: $575

Mod Unit Descriptions

Mortier: A mortar vet with a much larger weapon that offers doubled range (does not stack) and double area-effect damage. Slower due to the weight of the gun and must set it down to operate.

Ombre et Flamme: The pin-point accuracy super artillery of the Norman Republic. It has twice as many MGs for defense and doubled area-effect damage. Slightly slower with a slightly longer reload time. x1.5 damage of a normal artillery

Special Unit Descriptions

TCF: The Tier un Coup de Feu is a sniper unit with triple the range of a rifle grunt. Instant kill to infantry but no damage to vehicles.

Le Grande Feu: The ultra artillery unit that caused devastating damage to the beach assault force of the Northern Axis. This has a much moderately greater range than the Ombre et Flamme but offers triple area-effect damage and a much more vehicle damaging explosion. x2.5 damage of a normal artillery.

Canon de Vol: A new invention of the Republic, this is a much more mobile artillery unit. Half the speed of a gunship but x1.5 the damage of a normal artillery unit with x1.5 range. Little defense against other air units.


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