Birth Name: Userper, Rhine Draconus

Current Name: Rhine Draconus

Nationality: Akarack Empire

Birthdate: Unknown (for Userper), and 1270 (Rhine)

Age: Ancient and 30

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: Dragon blooded, type O- human before fusion.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 350 lbs without armor (this is due to dragon fusion giving him the bones of a dragon)

Hair Colour: deep brown (almost black)

Eye Colour: Amber, with vertical pupils

Build: Average muscular build.

Occupation: One of the highest ranked soldiers in the Blue Hawk army.

Known Languages: Speaks all the major languages of the world, this because he is always on the move and needs to unify his troops.

Place of Residence: Being of the highest rank of the army, he is constantly on the move with his troops. The place he most calls home is a small island called the isle of draconus.

Personality: Extremely loyal to his friends. Cannot handle ignorance being used as an excuse. Knows how to get along with his troops but also can be dignified enough to be around royalty when the situation calls for it. Extremely relaxed when times permit but also extremely strict when times require it.

General Appearance: The dragon scales on his tail and his wing color is a deep blue, with flickers of green visible in certain scales, His armor is very close to this pattern, with a deep blue color for the plates with lightning bolt style emblems that flicker seemingly with his mood. The helmet of the aforementioned armor is shaped like a dragons mouth, and when his armor is viewed from a distance he looks very much like a dragon. When he isn't in armor, he wears a semi ratty clothing set, mainly so that his wings and tail can be free. His hair is a deep brown (almost black) and usually is kept a medium length and usually messy when not under his helmet. After he joined with Userper his eyes changed to a dragonish amber with vertical pupils. Under his armor he is about 6'2" with a medium build, muscular, but not overly.

Other Facts: Rhine Draconus is a half dragon, therefore if his identity is known as such then he would be shunned. Therefore he hides his wings and tail under his armor during any contact with anyone besides his closest allies and his companion Anathena.


Rhine Draconus was a dragon hunter, killing them for sport and for profit. He was locked in a battle for weeks alongside his partner Anathena with the King and Queen of the Dragons. Their extreme exaustion caused two spells cast by Anathena and by Zarutha to fuse, binding the souls of Rhine and Userper together. This extreme fusion caused an extreme amount of spiritual and physical damage to Rhine's new body so much so that the skill in magic of Anathena was unable to cure them due to lack of power, and Zarutha unable to heal them due to lack of control. As a last ditch measure to save their lovers they decided to become one themselves, casting the magick needed to cure them forever. Since then, Rhine and Anathena have always traveled together, staying in the same tent and everything. This is done with a complete understanding of the troops (whom are not allowed to have women into their tents) that they are far more than just lovers.

Abilities & TechniquesEdit


-Strength: 8

-Endurance: 7

-Magick: 0

-Agility: 10


Beastial Release: Userper's entire power is released into Rhine's body, boosting every aspect of his being. At a cost, after the time limit for release is over, rhine is exausted and the exertion causes some physical damage to him. (all stats +15 to +20)

Beastial Fission: Being two entities fused in one body he is able to fission his double souls and become two bodies. Any contact between the bodies causes a re-fusion.

Breath of the Dragon: His fusion with a dragon allows his use of the dragon's iconic breath, and his mastery of the sword enables him to imbue his weapons with the breath of his choice, enabling abilities like an explosive impact, paralysis on impact or even a freezing effect.

Insta-Dash: can move so quickly that he is invisible to the naked eye.