"Do I desire to learn the motives behind this insanity?" ~ SHS_JJEmpire

Webcomic Cast - SHS JJEmpire

SHS_JJEmpire's sprite in the webcomic.


Name: SHS_JJEmpire

Species: Human

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Clan: The Shadow Stars (SHS)

Service Length: 2 and a half years

Rank: Administrator

Likes: His M-16 assault rifle

Dislikes: Bullshit


In the SHS Webcomic, SHS_JJEmpire is one of the leading figures of SHS, and is therefore often seen as a bystander, an enemy, in a position of organization, or a protagonist in the webcomic.

SHS_JJEmpire possesses the almighty power of the Bullets of WIN, which is ammunition made of the essence of WIN. This special ammo ensures a headshot every time it's fired. It is with this power that he easily stacks up to the other veteran powerhouses of SHS, such as Cloud_x128 and Newtkiller.


Webcomic #2 - SHS_JJEmpire's first appearance. In this comic, SHS_JJEmpire is seen in the last panel, staring at the light which seemed to be flashing for no reason.

Webcomic #4 - SHS_JJEmpire was seen talking with ArtOfWarfare in ArtOfWarfare's new office, about said office and where the office was located. In the last panel, SHS_JJEmpire and ArtOfWarfare stares down a deep hole in the floor, not knowing that a monster was lurking at the very bottom.

Special #001: A Lesson In Gaming - SHS_JJEmpire was one of the players in the game match, and one of only three players who were actually seen in the comic. SHS_JJEmpire was the one who interrupted BrandonBandicoot's victory dance by killing him with a headshot, and eliminating BrandonBandicoot's last life in the game.

Special #002: Unfair Spam (Part 1) - In this comic, SHS_JJEmpire is the accused, defending his case against the others in court. He has been accused of abusing his godly powers in the Spam Section.

Special #003: Unfair Spam (Part 2) - SHS_JJEmpire still stands accused, and was explaining his story on how he came to possess his Bullets of WIN, but was interrupted by SHS_Ranger and Octopi8, who revealed the real origins of the Bullets of WIN.

Special #004: Unfair Spam (Part 3) - In the last part of the comic, SHS_JJEmpire blows up Octopi8 with a bazooka, and had to exit the building carrying Octopi8's body parts with everyone else when they heard that JC065's wife entered the building.

Special #005: Hail The Freakin' Chief - SHS_JJEmpire was one of the protagonists in the webcomic, being depicted as the President of the United States of America.

Special #006: In A SHS Tourney - SHS_JJEmpire was one of the bystanders seen during the tournament. Since he was not listed on the brackets shown in the screen, it is assumed that SHS_JJEmpire was there to help organize the tournament.

Story #001: Red Snow - SHS_JJEmpire was one of the protagonists in the story, who set out with his friend Polish Tanker (and later Miasma) to kill Santa Claus.

Special #007: When The Economy is Bad... - SHS_JJEmpire was the one representing ideas of SHS toys to the members of SHS who's shown up for the meeting.

Killzone #001: Moron Warfare (Strip #001) - SHS_JJEmpire was the one briefing the members in the green-colored message in the first few panels, and was the leader of the squad shown in the last few panels.

Killzone #003: Moron Warfare (Strip #003) - In the very last panel, behind the transparent dialogue box, SHS_JJEmpire was seen.

SHS Short #001: In A SHS Tourney - Same appearance as in Special #006.

SHS Short #002: Vocal Tryouts - SHS_JJEmpire was one of the judges for the voice-acting tryouts. Since SHS_JJEmpire was the only one of the three judges to actually talk during the comic, it is assumed that he was the one organizing the tryouts.


Webcomic #4 - SHS_JJEmpire's helmet was shaped like a bowl (similar to the modern British Army, which had bowl-shaped helmets), and had the words "SHS" on the front. This changed in later comics, when SHS_JJEmpire's helmet became more shaped like a WWII American Soldier's helmet, and the SHS word was removed from the helmet.

Special #001: A Lesson In Gaming - It seems SHS_JJEmpire did not have his Bullets of WIN during the game match, as one of his kills, shown in the chatbox, was "SHS_JJEmpire <M-16> ArtOfWarfare". If SHS_JJEmpire had the Bullets of WIN, it would have been "SHS_JJEmpire <Headshot> ArtOfWarfare". It's likely that his Bullets of WIN was taken away in a off-panel scene before the match by JC065, to ensure fairness and balance in the game match.

Special #005: Hail The Freakin' Chief - In the background of later panels, it seems SHS_JJEmpire and Sovereign decided to have two White Houses instead of just one. It's likely that one White House belonged to SHS_JJEmpire while the other belonged to Sovereign.