Special #001: A Lesson In Gaming


Commentary by SHS_JJEmpire

"A Lesson In Gaming" was the very first webcomic I made. I took the idea from a webcomic suggestion that BrandonBandicoot once made to JC065 for a webcomic (with BrandonBandicoot's permission), and decided to experiment with what I had for a webcomic. The resulting comic was something a lot of people liked, so I went on to make more webcomics, myself, since JC065 looked like he was getting too busy to do the webcomic. This comic is where it all began for the sprited webcomics.

Yes, I chose myself to be the one to get the first kill on purpose. Shut up.

The sprite for Brandon's first appearance was basically a Orange Star soldier, but given dark skin.

The sprite for SHS_Ranger in this comic was a cannibalized-and-recolored Krotex Infantry Trooper sprite from my collection of Krotex Legion sprites. One flaw of this sprite, though, is that it has no way to show that SHS_Ranger was a woman, and it implies that she was a man, instead. This was fixed for her new sprite.

The blood was easy to do with a program I had (Game Maker 7), and I preferred that method. However, I lost the program in the virus wiping of my computer, so now I have to make do with different programs to draw the blood in the webcomic.

I realize how less detailed my gory headshots were back then in the old comics. Now in the newer comics, you see brains, skull pieces, and eyeballs flying out along with the usual blood in the gory headshot. Who says Advance Wars is for kids?

Believe it or not, there was supposed to be a comical part in the chatbox itself, so that the chatbox was worth reading for the bystanders' dialogue. It was dropped in the end, however. Here's what the script looked like, continuing off from some of the dialogue that was actually seen in the comic itself:

Polish_Tanker: WE'RE GETTING PWNED!!!

SHS_JJEmpire: LOL, you're all newbs!

ArtOfWarfare: OH COME ON!

We can't be losing that badly, right?

Indie <3 Polish_Tanker (Yes, Indie just killed Polish know.)

ArtOfWarfare: O_O...never mind.

Comment by BrandonBandicoot about his being owned badly in the comic:

"Dang, you made a mess out of me, I'm basically painted all over the trees O_o"

Regular watchers of Brentalfloss's YouTube Channel will recognize the song that BrandonBandicoot is singing in celebration of getting revenge over his enemy. This part wasn't in BrandonBandicoot's suggestion; I added the song in.

Now the "I'LL KILL THAT BIT--" part, that wasn't in the original song. I added it in to show how much BrandonBandicoot is drinking in all that sweet revenge.

Who needs bullets of WIN for a headshot?

This is the truth for so many of us, lads.