Special #002-004: Unfair SpamEdit

Commentary by SHS_JJEmpire

Besides from Story #001: Red Snow, this is pretty much the longest webcomic I did so far. It was so long, I had to cut it up into three parts so I wouldn't keep the members waiting for the next comic.

This comic came from a small idea of mine that was about a member being taken to court, but I didn't know who the member should be, or what he should be taken to court for. In the Whoever Posts Last Wins spam topic (the old one by me), I was once a robot who was indestructible but had one weakness. The others had to figure out my weakness in order to kill me, but when I respawned, I would have a new weakness. Meanwhile, I was butchering the others with my recently invented Bullets of WIN, and they all said this was unfair. I then thought, "What if they took ME to court for that?" And that's where this comic came from. Hence the case name, "Case #1,567: UNFAIR USE OF GODLY POWERS".

This comic spawned the title "The Fort of WIN and Beer". We used to refer to Lycan's house as the Fort of WIN and Beer, but now the Fort of WIN and Beer is an independent fortress. I certainly never thought the title would become such a popular name, or location.

I actually drew everything in the background here from scratch, including the table, the couch, the vent, and the windows...not the scenery seen through the windows, though, that's from Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.

Damn you to hell, crappy foldout table! The couch, however, is awesome.

Comment from Indie:

"I want to be the couch."

Yes, one of my weaknesses was a Rick Roll.

...Not many people who read the comic got the "Spammers" joke.

This panel is where Part 1 of 3 ended.

And this panel is where Part 2 of 3 began.

Holy shit, I didn't all-caps the word "win". Twice. You're supposed to do that every time you refer to the essence of WIN! It's WIN, dammit! WIN!

No-Caps Count: 2

I may have broke Rule [1-8] by having Indie's character use a racist word, but remember, it's just a webcomic, and I did that to keep Indie's character in-character. And I did have my character tell Indie's character off for doing that.

The background here was from Final Fantasy 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls, by the way. I realize that the enlarged backgrounds in early webcomics weren't as detailed as I do them now. So...pixely.

I miss the old days.

And yes, the enemy team was the red team. It's hard to tell in black-and-white.

Notice that Shiro's name in the flashback panels was "Shadow Echinda". That was done to add to the flashback feel, because around the time the Wiifantry members came to SHS, Shiro's name was "Shadow Echinda".

The real reason for this panel was because I originally wanted to draw a panel containing several bar-shaped panels depicting extreme violence between the two teams in the few minutes that passed, but I was too lazy to think up any good fight scenes, and I wanted to get to the part where my character gets the Bullets of WIN.

A lot of bodies here, due to said extreme violence. Also, a question from Cloud_x128 that I never answered...

Cloud_x128: "...Also, how come there's like 20 bodies and only 8 people?"

Because in the video game that we were playing in the comic, Cloud, everyone could re-spawn several times (and the bodies would stay where they fell). Plus, it was a pretty intense battle, defending that flag.

Also, I count 11 bodies, not 20.

I was originally going to show my character obtaining the Bullets of WIN from SHS_Ranger and my character killing off the rest of the red team who came to try to capture the flag (and therefore winning the game since the time clock is almost out of time as you can see), but then I got a awesome idea on how to continue the comic.

...Another mistake?

No-Caps Count: 3

You saw this coming.

Anyway, since I never did anything about the "win" in the background, the count increases!

No-Caps Count: 4

No-Caps Count: 5

And yes, subscribe to Octopi8's videos. He's Octopi1 on YouTube, go check his videos out!

The reason why I didn't use the same Krotex trooper sprite for SHS_Ranger here as I did a few panels back is because, during the making of this comic (right up to the end of the flashback part), SHS_Ranger asked me to make a sprite for her. As requested, I did. I then wanted to replace the Krotex trooper sprite with SHS_Ranger's new sprite, but then realized that I didn't save the backgrounds as sprite-less files (in other word, backgrounds, but with no sprites on them), and that I had to re-do the whole flashback if I wanted to put her sprite in. Since I didn't want to do any more work and just move on with the rest of the comic, I decided to just mention my laziness as a joke in the comic.

We still used VCRs back then. Oh, the memories!

I swear, I intended for the sprite of the television to look like a television, not a microwave.

I clearly have a problem with my sprite making.

I got the image of the TV from a screenshot of the Persona 4 opening.

By the way, Octopi8 was the one who created "Hachi and Nell's Advance Wars Emporium".

He made several videos with it, too; just check out the video to the right for a AWE commercial!


Finally, got the damn wording right.

Now you know why Bullets of WIN never run out.

That's a bargain, people!

Since this was supposed to be a recorded video from a commercial, I blurred out my character's face to make it look like such.

Look at what we're micro-waving!

I don't use faces in dialogue anymore.

Personally, I thought Hachi (AWE-wise) was pretty in-character in this comic, but that's just me.

At first, I did this panel WITHOUT the note with the arrow pointing at the Orange Star soldier's rifle, but I thought it looked weird, since the hostage himself has a gun,with freaking Bullets of WIN, so couldn't he just freaking defend himself?

So I added in the note to tell the reader that the gun was not loaded, for supposed safety purposes.

Hachi can give value to life. He did so for the Orange Star soldier in this panel.

Glorious gory headshot is glorious!

The original sprite for the headshot itself came from a wallpaper I did for SHS_Ranger, in which it shows her sprite epicly defeating a bunch of enemy soldiers, and she kills the last one with the same gory headshot as seen in this panel.

The sprite of the dead body with the spattered gore and blood also came from SHS_Ranger's wallpaper.

Really, I always wondered just where Hachi was hiding in Octopi8's AWE commercials...

An idea of expanding this part of the comic to where it would take three hours to read came up in my head once. I shot it down ASAFP.

Surely you didn't see this one coming.

Note how a few of the characters are eerily calm in the face of Hachi's beating.

I also wanted to put a splash of blood across Hachi's dialogue box, but I thought that would be a tad too much. Plus I didn't think I would have done the blood well.

Damn, my character made a mess out of Hachi's AWE.

Speaking of Episode 17 of Bob it is, to the right.


I honestly think I should have done a better job with the delivery truck sprite. The trailer on it is just too small and not properly rendered.

Not like I would need to...

No, it's not Hobbes, it's Mattimeo. Well, yes, it's Hobbes, but the Hobbes in this panel represents Mattimeo.

And for those who can't translate the words to the lower left of this panel, it means "And So Mattimeo Spoke".

This is where Part 2 of 3 ended.

And yes, this is where Part 3 of 3 began.

And Shiro's not really Asian. It's a joke of his, since he's Caucasian.

By the way, Octopi8 doesn't really talk like that (though he does sometimes). I did his dialogue like that as a joke.

Yeah, "iz". Seriously, what sad, sick kid coined that word?

The Krotex Federation is the same army I beat 7.5/10 of the time in WWX's Moon Wars, by the way.

Would you talk like this?

BrandonBandicoot was not harmed in the making of this comic.

Comment by BrandonBandicoot on his getting shot:

".__. ... I got shot for being a know me so well, JJ."

Who stands by on one panel?

Lycan has a wife in real life. It's not a made-up thing for the comic.


I was too lazy to be realistic with the blowing up of Octopi8's body, and I wanted to finish this, so I went with this.

The sprite for Shiro's character still has the helmet (now recolored), to this day.

I remember Lycan's exact comment on the chatbox about this panel.

Comment by JC065 (AKA Lycan):

"Lmao, JJ, that was genius!"

The reason for the "To be continued" part is because I originally had a webcomic idea on how to continue this. I dunno when I'll be able to do it...but it's likely I'll do it at one point as a animated webcomic.