So the original idea came from me (Cloud_x128 is my most common name I use) in the Summer of 2008. I wanted to create a story using the people of SHS in a type of fantasy world setting. So I posted and alot of people wanted to get into it, which made me happy. Then we noticed how much forum space it took up to do such a thing, and the regular SHS board wouldn't exactly hold it. Well Lycan (our fearless leader) cvame to me later and proposed that I create a spin-off site for SHS to hold this RPG and any other RPs that SHS might want to hold. The site became very popular through the end of the year and even a little further.on. Well the site died off a little after that because I left and couldn't really continue on the original story (which made it through 2 books of main story and plenty of subchapters). So the story died off for a time until the next year fall, where an admin of WotB (Sovereign, many know him as Flame) created a mix of a SSBB clan and an RPG site, which eventually merged with WotB (the site). it then continued with some small gaiden chapters but got no farther in the actual timeline. Then this site eventually fell off the face of the internet, and with it went WotB's original chapters. The only known saved chapters were the subchapters of JJEmpire with his 1337 saving skillz.

The Rebirth!