The Webcomic

The SHS Webcomic is one of the many features of the SHS gaming clan. The webcomic includes many members from the clan, and their misadventures take place in a wide range of locations. There has been several versions of the webcomic as it changed over the years.

The Origins of the SHS Webcomic

Somewhere in August of 2008, JC065 (named "True_Lycanthrope" back then) brought forth the idea of doing a webcomic for the Shadow Stars clan. JC065 would be the one to draw the webcomic, and has done several "test sketeches" to get a feel for it.

One of the first concept sketches, for the design of the characters' bodies. This sketch was rejected in favor of a different sketch, however.

Everyone loved the idea of the webcomic, as they felt a webcomic would help to add to the unique feel of SHS. Several concept sketches for the design of the characters were discussed and voted on, along with suggestions being made. Soon, a concept sketch resembling humans the most out of all of the sketches (one concept sketch even resembled Ray-man) was voted on.

And so the idea went into motion.

Sketched Webcomics


One of the first webcomics that JC065 made. There's supposed to be an animation (which doesn't work on Wikia) which would make the light in the final panel turn on and off repeatedly.

The sketches of the characters, who were SHS members, were decided to be totally and completely different from how their real-life counterparts looked. This was one of the steps JC065 took to ensure that personal privacy was kept for every member.

For example, in the image to the left, SHS_JJEmpire is seen in a grey jacket and a helmet, with a completely tan face. Yet, in real life, SHS_JJEmpire has an afro, which would have been seen below the helmet, and SHS_JJEmpire has rosy cheeks, which would have been seen on his face.

Some didn't like the absurdity of their character's sketch, however. For example, ArtOfWarfare, who was a major fan of the Apple company and Macintoshes, didn't like how much his character looked like a PC nerd.

Despite the absurdity, though, JC065 tried his best to ensure that some of the characters each had a style that would remind readers of a certain SHS member and tell them that this character is that member. For example, SHS_JJEmpire was decipted as a military-ish, jacket-wearing man, which is what most SHS members at the time saw him as.

Sprited Webcomics

Wiki - Webcomic

An excerpt from SHS_JJEmpire's first SHS webcomic, "A Lesson In Gaming".

SHS_JJEmpire, a long time before he joined the Shadow Stars clan (possibly around back in his tween years), was making comics on his Paint program, drawing the characters and backgrounds from scratch with the Paintbrush tool. This usually took up most of his computer time, and he didn't make many original comics (most of the time, he took ideas from other comics). The start of his using sprites in a comic came when he discovered sheets of video game sprites on the Internet, and learned that people ripped sprites from video games to use them in various projects. Being a long-time gamer, SHS_JJEmpire took to using sprites in his comics instantly; at first, he used a few sprites with his usual drawn-from-scratch characters, but he begun to use ripped game-level backgrounds along with more sprites. Soon, there were nothing left that he drew from scratch; everything was a sprite from a game.

Though experience with experimenting with the sprites he came across, and using various programs, SHS_JJEmpire became better at being a comic artist, though he was getting bored with making comics, and was rarely working on comics.