About the Windis Empire


A gallery picture SHS_JJEmpire did for the Windis Empire. In this picture, Windisian Troopers are scanning the skies from the bow of a Arogade airship.

The Windis Empire was originally created by Odie (known as one of the leading figures on the managing of Forum Wars), and has seen many battles. Odie eventfully replaced the Windis Empire with a new army as his main army, but the Windis Empire made its comeback at Forum Wars World, when a real-life friend of Odie joined and decided to use the Windis Empire.


Five-hundred-and-two years ago, an engineer by the name of Raspell Blayloc taught Advanced Theories at a university within the Inventor's Republic. He was passionate for his work as most professers were at the time but it led to an eventual end to his marriage. However, the loss was not damaging as he took on an apprentice, Edgar Windis, and loved him as a son. With his young protege he developed an experimental form of energy that he hoped could fulfill the resource needs of the globe and end petty wars over such things.

Blayloc finished his experimentation in time for a university conference in which he would test its power. The time came but with some hasty calculations that cost Raspell and Edgar their reputations and their freedom. The unveiling was a disaster and half of the university was destroyed in a horrific tornado. The two researchers faced extreme charges from the Inventor's Republic and were exiled to a small coastal town called Bord de la Mer in the Norman Republic where they were kept under surveillance. However, nothing could stop Blayloc's research and he continued in secret under the noses of the Inventor's watchdogs.

Two years passed before Blayloc's theories became perfect reality. Edgar had fallen in love with a young Norman woman and the two were to be married when Blayloc thought he could return from exile with his achievement. Blayloc was escorted in secret back to the Inventor's Republic where an attempt was made on his life and his research was almost stolen. At the same time, agents from Norman Intelligence raided Blayloc's laboratory in Bord de la Mer nearly killing Edgar and wounding his fiance. The two escaped and fled to the modern day Windis Empire where Edgar's lover's health declined from her gunshot wound.

Blayloc couldn't flee for long and was eventually caught publicly and thrown into prison to await execution. A large group of university students were outraged and led a successful uprising to free Blayloc. The group met with Edgar and declared autonomy from the Inventor's Republic in an effort to gain aid from foreign countries.

Army Details

Country Name: Windis Empire

Small Description: Troops are dressed in bronze armor with a breastplate, gauntlets, greaves, a sallet, and a pack. Underneath is a white shirt and upon the breastplate in white lies the Windis crest. Infantry use weapons powered by pressurized air and vehicles run on wind power.

History: This grand empire was founded by an engineer of the Inventor's Republic, Raspell Blayloc, who was an exiled from his country and university for an incident that cost him his eternal shame. Together with his finest pupil, Edgar Windis, he founded the mighty Windis Empire: a free republic that still stretches out its hand for the purposes of imperialism. 502 years later, the Regent of the Windis Empire, Cid Fabool, met an untimely end from a crippling disease that took him at the age of fifty-six. Now the empire is headed by Regent Willotel Arogarde who believes that total domination by a country as good-willed as the Windis Empire is the only way to bring about peace.

-Increased Vehicle Speed by 20%
-Increased Defense by 15%

-Decreased accuracy by 20%
-Decreased attack by 15%

Windisian Trooper -- $1
Procella Bombardier -- $3
Flamen Guster (MOD FLAME) -- $6
Vents Engineer -- $5
Tempestas Officer -- $7
SPECIAL: Amhas Fighter -- $9

Recon -- $20
Volo-Proeliator (MOD L. TANK) -- $40
Caminus-Ardeo Heavy Tank -- $50
Pneum-Candeo Artillery -- $55
Windis Appartus Battlestation -- $80

Gyrocopter -- $120
Transport Copter -- $215
Acer-Proeliator -- $350
Devum-Nex -- $465
SPECIAL: Arogarde 2: $1,200

Sub -- $215
Transport --$230
Frigate -- $325
Battleship –- $450
Dreadnought -- $575

Mod Unit Descriptions

Flamen Guster: This flame unit contains a large chamber of pressurized air that, when released, fires a massive blast of wind capable of tearing a man in half and close range and shattering someone's ribs at a bit of a distance. Has a very wide spread shot that can hit many infantry at once and send them flying. it does have a bit of a reload time though which causes problems if they aren't backed up. Volo-Proeliator: Recently, the Windis Military Engineering Committee scrapped the classic Ignis-Aura model for a newer 'combination' vehicle. A cousin to the Acer-Proeliator, the Volo-P is equipped with an Acer jet engine allowing it to make rapid boosts of speed in any direction. However, it sacrifices armor for speed as it only has the defense of a heavy recon (but its normal speed averages at the H. recon).

Special Unit Descriptions

Amhas Fighters: Celtic Highlands mercenaries were hired by the Empire in an effort to increase infantry effectiveness in rough terrain. Elite troops dressed in camouflage, they have 5% better stats in all areas and are equipped with a special Adrenaline Pill. This drug boosts all stats by 30% for 20 seconds before the soldier is incapacitated by the drugs effects and is removed from the field. Arogarde 2: A massive air ship armed to the teeth with rail-sliding flak guns that can move around the side of the ship and 2 massive cannons used for obliterating slow moving air or ground targets. It can also hold up to 200 soldiers below deck that can be landed anywhere. Has slightly higher speed than a bomber.


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