World War X is a text-based war game based after the "Battalion Wars" video game. Make an army, and take over the world! (Or defend it)


WWX is an interesting game which operates on multiple levels. First, you have the armies, centering around the founder and followed by the generals and attaches who join them in their fight. Your army and generals are your representatives in the WWX, much like your character in a role play.

But this is no role play as you've seen it. In here, armies and generals are not for show, oh no, in fact it is quite the opposite. In this game, strategy and tactics come into play with you actually being required to send your armies and generals onto the field with a fully formed plan, and your generals are not mere creations either, in this game, the founder of the nation has the opportunity to use real people to lead their armies into battle alongside them. at their whimsy of course. The Mission Coordination, Judge, or whatever you would like to call them is the arbiter of the battle and reviews the strategies to make judgment as to who who would win. (All corrupt MCs will be defibrillator'd repeatedly then ignited)

This is the tactical level, the second level is the strategic one. The strong prey on the weak, the fast on the slow, the big on the little, and the smart on the not so much. All people seek power, the power to be free, the power to ensure prosperity, and the power to be the most powerful of all. Perhaps I'm going a little too far with this, the point is that battles fought by armies and the generals who lead them go towards the greater goal of winning a campaign, the winners of campaigns receive additional resources for their economies to be super charged and more technology to add to their arsenal, giving them more strength to keep pushing to the ultimate goal of Super Power status and eventual Ultimate Status (where the game restarts all over again) This is the game of power and what people do with it, in a fair and non-nuclear way. (Oh, and on a less epic note, there are skirmishes and practice battles people can have when they don't like playing with what men have fought for since antiquity)